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The Woman Behind the Vision: Shelby Mason

Have you ever had a moment of public humiliation that continues to haunt you?

Shelby Mason did—and her life would never be the same. Lucky for her, this moment jumpstarted a passion that would ultimately offer a solution for millions of women everywhere.

Always the perennial road warrior, Shelby spent years traveling for business—and wearing tights with boots was her “go-to,” but she hated the many problems that came along with it.  

Her "make it work" solution of layering socks over tights was far from perfect, and usually led to even more problems, and even humiliation—particularly as these socks were typically men’s white tube socks stolen from her father.

Like most women, Shelby had to sacrifice comfort for style, or vice versa.

“While occasional family ridicule is to be expected, public indignation is not,” notes Shelby. “Happily, the latter came as a blessing in disguise when an incident at Chicago's O'Hare Airport turned an ‘oh no’ moment into an ‘ah-ha’ one.”

“Headed out on a business trip, I made my way through a long security line in the company of a very engaging and handsome man. Rockin' my short dress, tights and boots and feeling like I had some "game," I expected to continue our banter on the other side of TSA.”

“Unfortunately, the look on the gentleman's face when I slipped off my boots to expose my ugly pair of white ‘man socks’ put an end to that idea. He was gone in a flash and I was left feeling embarrassed and not quite as cool as I thought I was a few minutes earlier. During the flight I wondered ‘why a gal can’t have a stylish, quality tight combined with the comfort of a sock, all in one?’ By the time the plane landed, the idea for Socktights was taking off.”

After this encounter, the idea of tights with a sock attached immediately headed to the top of her "to do" list, though it was not an easy feat. Shelby reached out to various hosiery mills with little to show for it.

With some help from Google, Shelby contacted Manufacturing Solutions Center in Hickory, North Carolina and shared her idea with the Director and Hosiery Guru, Dan St. Louis. When Dan told her that this was the best idea he’d heard in years, she knew she was on to something. Within weeks, Dan, his team, and Shelby developed a prototype, and Socktights was born.

The guidance she has received, and friendships she’s made along the way, continue to strengthen and inspire her. Shelby’s greatest encouragement comes from her customers. With that, each and every day, she upholds her promise to earn women’s trust in every product Socktights creates.

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