Every great innovation starts with a moment of need, and for Bootights, that moment came during a particularly grueling trip through airport security.

Hi, I’m Shelby Mason, founder of Bootights, and this is the story of how a pair of uncomfortable tights and a simple pair of socks evolved into a revolution in women’s legwear.

The “Aha!” Moment

It was one of those hectic travel days that tested every limit—long lines, cold floors, and the hassle of removing shoes at security. There I was, shuffling through in my tights and bulky sport socks over them, feeling utterly frustrated. That’s when it struck me: why can’t tights and socks be a single, stylish product? This thought laid the foundation for what would soon become Bootights, a pioneer in the field of innovative legwear.

Developing the Idea

Determined to turn my discomfort into a solution for women everywhere, I embarked on a journey that involved countless prototypes and endless testing. The goal was clear: create a product that combines the sleek appeal of tights with the functional benefits of socks. We aimed for something that didn't just exist but excelled in providing comfort and style in hosiery.

Bootights Takes Off

After perfecting the design, Bootights launched and quickly found a loyal following. Women from all walks of life shared how these tights changed their outlook on comfort and fashion. The unique sock-tight hybrid was more than just a convenience; it was a statement that women do not have to compromise on style for comfort.

The Brand Today 

Today, Bootights stands as a testament to innovation and practical fashion. From our headquarters in Stony Brook, NY we continue to expand our offerings while staying true to our roots. Our products are crafted with the same attention to detail and commitment to quality that started it all. We've become more than just a hosiery brand—we're a community of empowered women who embrace life's challenges with confidence and style.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. At Bootights, we believe that the best innovations come from real-life challenges. We’re proud to offer a product that supports, beautifies, and empowers women to move through life with ease and joy. Here’s to many more years of comfort, style, and innovation—because at Bootights, we know that together, everything is better.