The Bootights Story

Inspiration comes in many forms.

For me, it came while on a business trip traveling through Chicago’s O’Hare airport. While making my way through security, I took off my stylish boots to expose the ugly pair of white “man socks” I had layered over my tights for extra warmth and comfort. The smirk from the good-looking guy next to me was the final straw.

Disgraced but determined, I spent the entire flight wondering “why a gal can’t have a cute, quality tight combined with a comfy sock to wear with her boots?”

By the time the plane landed the idea for Bootights was taking off.

- Shelby Mason, Founder & CEO

Our Mission

Built on the mission to provide hosiery that finally merges comfort, style, and durability, Bootights combines premium tights and performance socks, all-in-one.  Yep, we mean that we are the only ones on the planet who expertly hand sew a custom designed sock on to fashionable tights.

Hybrid Hosiery

The fusion of our socks and tights is the clever part really, it’s our answer to traditional flimsy, throwaway tights that leave feet out in the cold. Our exclusive hybrid technology brings our customers a fit and feel like no other.

The truth is, we've been around longer than our competition and that's because we have evolved from the initial inspiration during that long flight from LA to NYC to become a place where you can find the best-fitting, most comfy and super stylish tights, socks and hosiery you could ever want for all your shoe styles - not just boots.