It's All About the Connection

Better Together

Bootights is the only hosiery brand on the planet that combines the comfort of a performance sock with the style of premium tights. We hand sew actual socks to the bottom of premium tights, so your feet feel cushioned all day long – and your tights last longer!

Sometimes the simplest solution can make the biggest impact.

We firmly believe that when our feet don't hurt, the sky's the limit.

Baring Our Soles

We hand sew tights with socks, so your feet are comfortable all day long, no matter what you put them through – sneakers, boots, heels, you name it!

Mixed Mediums

Through our patented technology, ConnecTech™, we use two different types of machinery to produce our hybrid tights with socks.

Yes, it does take more effort, but the results are worth it - because we know we've created something very special.

What makes Bootights unique:

  • Our premium, every-course knit hosiery is durable and longer lasting
  • The super soft yarns we use make our tights silky to the touch
  • The attached sock anklet means less runs, snags and holes!
  • Our tummy control top keeps everything in place, smooth and comfortable