These Socks Came to Me by a Wonderful Coincidence 

I've recently become afflicted with very cold feet and legs. These socks, combined with toe socks underneath, have been my saving grace. 

There is a light compression,  I believe. But they are very comfortable and not itchy or hot. 

Thank you, tremendously! - Marie G

From Now On, I'm Traveling with You! 

I have various health problems and no health insurance. I'm doing what I can to move forward in hope and in positivity, but some days are better than other. We can all say that about life on Earth, right? We all just do the best we can to get from Point A to Point B.  

When I discovered this pair of Darby socks, I literally began sleeping better! That same night! My nightly restless legs are better, I'm not miserably cold, and therefore I'm not kept up at night worrying about everything under the sun. 

Your socks are a game changer for me. I combine them with toe sock yoga slippers (those go on first) and your toasty babies,  and BAM, I'm sleeping like I did before my health crashed. Your socks give me more energy and renewed hope to tackle the next day. 

Yes, there are cheaper socks, but for me I'm not saving money if I don't get the level of  comfort that I need.  

Thank you again! Best of luck to you! - anonymous

The Tights Fit Great and Look Great! They're Perfect!

I noticed your tights have a logo on the back side, making it easy to distinguish if I'm putting the tights on right. Every other pair of tights is a guessing game and sometimes the heel placement ends up on the top of my foot. I'd also like to add how impressed I was with the quick, kind response! - CeCe M. 

They Last and Last!

I bought a pair of your socks a few years ago … I absolutely loved them and went back to buy more … I love them and wear them all the time. And now I won't have to wash them at night so I can wear them again the next day! - Regina M.

I Love Bootights, They're a Great Product

However I am wearing only pants because I am always cold at work. My husband purchased four pairs as a gift because he knows they were a well received gift a few years ago. Thank you for allowing the return.  Your friendly return policy will make me want to purchase from your company again in the future. - Sarah G.

Just in Time for Our Wedding!

Amazing!! Overnighted our order to make sure we had them for our wedding!! All the bridesmaids loved them! Highly recommended. – Danielle S.

They Don't Slip!

I walked a little more than 10 miles up and down hills while at the Ryder Cup and these socks did not fall once! i have bought several liners over the years, but these are my new walking socks. even after several washes these comfy liners form to my feet and continue to stay up. - Linda M.

This is the Best Product for Boot Lovers!

Finally, a product that is durable underneath boots. no more running your nylons from the toe of your boots. as a bonus, it keeps you warm in cold weather, although can be used all year round as long as you like the look. - Sky T.

No More Socks Over Tights!

These are a game changer!! I can't even count how many times I wore these all winter! - Katie F.

These Tights are the Best

These tights are the best. Not only are they well-constructed, but the sock part is bah-genius! Keeps my little tootsies warm in their boots. A real game-changer. - Jennifer T.

Super Handy - or Rather Foot-y!

I like to dress up for work but my feet always suffer miserably when i wear hose or go barefoot in my shoes, which makes the rest of me miserable as the day drags on. I was super happy to find these online when I searched for tights with socks attached. - Caera

These are Amazing!

So I bought a pair of these to wear on a flight --- wanted to wear boots, but didn't want to take them off to get through security and be wandering around in athletic socks. these are absolutely great. Sock piece is nice and the lace just peeks out of the top of my boots. What a great idea. - Lynn O.

For My Daughter-in-Law

I gave these socks for a Christmas gift to my daughter-in-law and she loved how they looked-not sure if they fit her but I'm 100% sure they do-and she loved them and so did I! - Carolyn G.

Sweet, Cute and Comfy!

I wore my Bootights to the grocery store in the city with my long sexy tunic with a wide belt, leggings, my fave cowgirl boots & boot candy jewelry and other fun things & it was fun! Lots of people admiring them. Throws a leather, lace cowgirl with a flirty fling into the hum drum of things. I'm 55 years young & this is still fun dressing up to show that 2 high 5's are just the beginning! These are a great addition to the look i'm going for. Next I'm adding a couple of secrets with them & my black lace dress & gonna/ go dance the night away. ~ country girl gone wild. Thank you for a great product & will be ordering more! - Liz

Great for Boots

I find these to be comfortable and perfect for what I wanted them for. I love the lace tops! - Sally M.

The Best Socks!

This is my second pair of these socks and they are very well made and comfortable to wear. - Jill W.

So Cute & Comfortable!

I absolutely love these, everyone is asking me where I got them from. - Violet Raynes, Social Media Influencer

So Cozy from the Office to Home!

I never thought I would find a pair of tights that I could comfortably wear from the moment I left for the office at 7AM each day to the time I dragged my tired self home by 6PM - these tights literally are a lifesaver, my feet and legs thank you! - Molly B.